The Bommelerwaard

The Bommelerwaard

The Bommelerwaard is a very fine place to relax and recharge. Enjoy the water, to experience the rich history and to taste the local products of the region.

From farm Zonneveld you can do the following activities:


- sport activities

- cultural activities

- enjoy nature

- children activities

- food and drinks


During your stay you can always ask us for more information about these activities and we will be happy to help!


Sport activities

Walking in the Bommelerwaard

The Bommelerwaaard is a very fine place to go for walks and to discover! You can enjoy pleasant trips along the rivers. But also Zaltbommel, across the dikes or even the different routes such as Hamarithapad, Baanbrekerpad, Zandslagenpad or hoppen in de Bommelerwaard are to try.


The weather is bad? Don’t worry, at Sportiom you can relax in a subtropic swimming pool! From October to March you can use the Icefun skating ring and from April to September you can go for a laser game. How cool is that!


In the Bommelerwaard you can have very fine bike rides. What about the Big River route, the Sterke Dijkenroute, Fort Sint Adriesroute, Tussen Maas en Waal, or maybe the Hollandse waterlinie route? Our farm is at the crossroads of route 61 and 62.

Water fun

In the region there are recreation places in which you can swim, sunbathe, go for fishing, sail and surf. At the recreation place de Neswaarden you can have a very nice swim and there is even a game castle for children. It is also nice to go to the Zandmeren.


Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe! Funworkshop en wandeling door door Den Bosch. Samen met Tante Annie beleef je Den Bosch op een andere manier.Daarna maak je je eigen Bossche Bol, aan het eind van de workshop krijg je het geheime recept van Choco Loca mee. Gegarandeerd veel hilariteit. Op de site van Choco Loca staan ook andere arrangementen.

Cultural activities

Lovestein Mansion

Lovestein Mansion is impressive and even more than that. Maybe you know the story of Hugo the Big and the bookcase. Love stein reminds you of old times. Not only the mansion but the entire fort are more than worth to explore.

Castle Ammersoyen

Castle Ammersoyen is one of the best conserved water fort of the middle ages in the Netherlands. Strategically constructed between Maas and Waal, in the beautiful river land of the Bommelerwaard, lays this impressive burrow.

Castle Nederhemert

In the old loop of the Maas lays castle Nederhemert. It is a renovated castle from the 14th century. The castle is used as an office and is not totally open for public. You can walk around and cycle in the surroundings, it is beautiful there!

Country estate Brakel

A country estate with a beautiful parc and forest, castle ruin, moat en an old vegetable garden with many sorts of plants. There also is an old orchard and a new parking lot with a forest, flower field and pond

City castle Zaltbommel

In the museum of city castle Zaltbommel the history of the Bommelerwaard is told through stories. Stories about the eighty year war, the Golden Century and stories of our time.

Windmill Vento Vivimus Hurwenen

A nice, brickwork round wheat mill from 1875 is a Dutch monument. The name Vento Vivimus means « we live from the wind ». In 1945 the mill, that had been damaged during the war, has been renovated.

Experience nature

The Hurnse Kil

To enjoy your time in the nature of the Hurnse Kil is a nice experience. The peace you can feel here is unique. You can also have good swims in nature. Ask for more information on the farm Zonneveld.

Shallop rental

Enjoying all the good nature has to offer from an open boat. You can navigate to several recreation locations. You can also go to the fort of the city Heusden for a nice city walk. You can hire shallops in Alem, but also Hedel has a rental service.

Children activities

Kids Castle

Kids castle is the first indoor children paradise of the Bommelerwaard. In a big play hall you can find children games for each child from 0 to 10 years old so that they can play the entire day long.


From April to October Hoppies, the nature playground, is open. You can do a lot of things there, like dwelling through the corn maze, walking over the bare foot path or would you prefer to make a bucket of field flowers. Everything is possible

Farm golf Hedel

On Farm Golf Hedel there are ten holes that you have to try to reach as soon as possible. Among the cows, along forts, navigate on a rowboat en a have nice stop at farm Schoonheuvel, make it all complete.

Playground Nederhemert

The playground of Nederhemert is a unique place where the games still squeak and the pancakes still come out of the cooking pan, just how it should be!

Safaripark Beekse Bergen

It is an half hour ride to Safaripark Beekse Bergen. Here there is no animal you can’t find: giraffes, rhinoceros, but also leopard panthers and elephants. What about a Jeep, boat or walk tour through the park.

The Efteling

Wether you are looking for big roller coasters, bewitching attractions or dramatic shows, at the Efteling there is something for everyone. Discover the biggest amusement park of the Netherlands. A unique park, in the middle of nature. The park is an half hour ride from farm Zonneveld.

Eats and drinks

Pancake house the Waterpoort

Pancakes, everybody loves them! Just under the water gate, in the historical hart of Zaltbommel you will find the pancake house of the Bommelerwaard. You can also have a sandwich or fresh salad. Visit our website

't Zusje Zaltbommel

At t’zusje in Zalbommel guests can taste everything the entire evening for a fixed price. The concept of tapas transforms eating in a social happening. It is nice for groups as well as couples.